Peanut butter choc chip cookies

I know we all agree how fabulous Anna Wintour is. She is magnificent. The woman has an amazing presence of power just in a photo. And by that I mean she is actually terrifying.

I’m addicted to Delites. I love their salty coating and will easily eat a box at a time. Which I almost did last night while watching Nikki and Diva. Must stop buying them.

Meanwhile have you seen Diva’s diamonds? She deserves the Diva title just by the size of her diamonds! Loved her nails too. But loved Nikki’s glitterati eye makeup the most. My darling.

I said to Puppy when she was terrorising/interrupting my quality time with the TV that I was very angry with her. I said it is not good to go to bed angry so you better start behaving. She didn’t listen.

Puppy and I did some jogging and core work this morning. It was going so well until Puppy suddenly stopped to sniff a very interesting pole and I kept going.

Coming to a screeching halt like that has caused my neck and shoulder to hurt. In this process her lead and her tag came off. Thankfully someone found her tag and let me know!

It didn’t even wear Puppy out as she then did laps of the house and I had to throw a ball down the hallway while getting ready for work.

Made a tuna nicoise wrap for lunch. So damn tasty. A curry was in order for dinner but my real food highlight for the day is…. hummingbird bakery peanut butter choc chip cookies!!!!!

OMG. They are actually incredible. I made mine into an ice cream sandwich. Delicious. Could do with more choc chip but that’s a personal preference.

Good sugar hit before a big run tomorrow!










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