Member of the month, Happy Chinese New Year and an accidental 18km

Lucky I fueled up Friday night with a Mediterranean pizza.


Cause Saturday morning led to 18km and I needed those extra carbs in my system that’s for sure.

16km was on my schedule and while it is only another 2km, it’s been a while since I’ve run that distance.


So going from regularly running 12km to 16km is enough of a mindset jump for me, let alone 12km to 18km.

Then add hills just for a bit of extra mental and physical pain. Yes for some unknown reason, Coach decides what we need is more hills.

Why he decides these things is beyond me. I was hoping for our West End loop or some flat and pleasant river loop.

I was out of luck. We headed through St Lucia, Indooroopilly Golf course, through UQ and back to our home of the Regatta.


All up 18km, about 16km of HILLS and I tripped on my most hated fruit, the mango.

I am secretly pleased with this. 3km’s off a half marathon and hilly. Good for my mindset to know I can do that. In around 1 hour 56 minutes.

So maybe that’s why coach makes us do these things? Mental strength building exercise as well?


I can’t be cranky with him either. You see he awarded me Galeforce Member of the Month. I’m pretty blown away to say the least.

I had no idea it was even a thing and then hop on social media on the bus home Friday afternoon and all these people saying congratulations to me.

Plus I’m a newbie so I feel there are so many amazing members and to just be a part of the squad is special enough!

I will take this award and run with it though. I’m pretty sure it means I should be pampered at home too.

Post the craziness of 18km’s I was hoping for a nap but this did not happen so by the time dinner came around I was a little tired and a little hungry.

I should probably always wear this after a long run:


Always one to join a food holiday celebration some takeout from our local, stuck in 1985, Chinese restaurant was in order for Chinese New Year. Hello MSG.


Garlic chicken, dim sum, sweet and sour pork and copious amounts of special fried rice.


A full belly, tired legs and a DVD meant for a very sleepy Saturday night.


Which meant of course I was up ridiculously early on rest day. Forced myself to stay in bed.

Then headed to local and new favourite Esher Strert Deli and Cafe for breakfast.

Corn fritters, avocado and egg with sourdough. Thank you!


Plate of bacon for Puppy.


Otherwise she stares at me like this:


And now to foam roll these legs and get ready for another awesome week of training.

First weekend of dry February done and dusted. Feels good too!

168km for January, 4.5 minute plank, my running coach is crazy and dry February

Well now I’m a member of Galeforce Running my km’s have certainly increased. 168km for January. And I’ve pulled up pretty well.

Few sore spots. Nothing that a bit of ginger and a meat tendereiser can’t fix. I’ll keep you posted on that!

A fellow Galeforce Runner and hilarious blogger from My Life’s a Marathon referred to our Coach as a mountain goat who would like us to fling ourselves off steep cliffs on this fine Thursday morning at Mt Cootha.

I couldn’t say it better myself so I am stealing her lines. Coach is crazy. Jaw dropping would be a phrase that comes to mind as I faced the descent of the steepest hill on the craziest trail in the entire world.

Like my fellow runner/blogger, I freaked and then very slowly, inch by inch, semi crawled down the mountain, all the while knowing I’d have to get back to my car somehow and the only way is up.


Yes up. Up the steepest hill on the craziest trail in the entire world. There was not much running. I did try but it soon dawned on me it was the Neverending Hill and even walking this wretched trail meant heavy breathing and cursing my coach.


Finally reaching the top, I was only told to go back down another trail, to go up last week’s devil hill but this time with dead legs after the Neverending Hill.


Don’t get me wrong, I love it. Conquering the craziest of trails at 5.30am before the world wakes up makes you feel something like a rock star.

In other news, my CrossFit head coach actually said “Good squat Jess”. This is a HUGE deal. He never says much to me at all, let alone the words “good” and “Jess” in the one sentence. Winning.

This moment of glory was fleeting as he soon anounced the final day of our plank challenge. 4.5 minutes. Say what now?

I know, that was my response as well. I didn’t manage the 4.5 minutes unbroken. I did drop a few times to probably total a 4 minute plank. Still winning in my book.

My post beer poor running performance has led me to decide I’m going to do Dry February. Support needed. Thanks in advance.

I do have some strategies. I listened to a podcast today about setting up habits and behaviours. The key seems to be setting up rituals and rewards. So I need to think of rewards.

They gave the example of someone wanting to start up running (just quietly I’d highly recommend it). The key is to set up rituals such as putting your running shoes next to your bed so you see them when you wake up. And then set up a reward such as a piece of chocolate afterwards. This sounds counteractive but the reward forms the habit and soon the piece of chocolate becomes unnecessary.

They also gave the example of alcohol whereby you have a rough day, so you have a drink, chat to a friend and feel better. Thankfully my odd drink is just a Saturday and is usually to celebrate a good week. So I need to replace that with a similar celebatory feeling. Maybe cake?

They also spoke of companies like Target predicting pregnancy based on shopping behaviours. Seriously a fascinating podcast. Listen if you have 30 odd minutes – click here.

I’m recovering well with lots of good foods and have a new obsession of pumpkin. Why have I not been eating this regularly? Lamb with roast pumpkin, beans, fetta and pine nuts tonight.


Spicy chicken with olives, artichokes and cous cous last night.


Hopefully none of these meals make me ill. I’ve developed a nasty habit of leaving the fridge door open… Maybe it’s my subconscious trying to destroy the last bottle of wine that remains in there?

Who is in for Dry February? The podcast says it is easier to form a habit when you’re in a group. Come on! It’ll be fun…

You win some, you lose some


Running a speed session after two days of eating not so great food and drinking beer is not very fun. This runner is starting to understand that perhaps fueling the body properly is a much better idea and makes you feel really awesome. I was in struggle town today. 9.5km’s all up with 400m and […]

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Happy Australia Day!


I’ve had the best weekend! That’s cause I’ve been running. Lots of running. 12km with the group along the river on Saturday morning. 5.50 per km pace. Coach says no watch or run keeper next week. Avocado and fetta with roasted tomatoes on sourdough post run. Yes please. Anyone avoiding carbs best stop reading now. […]

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Really hard things


3 minute plank. Really hard thing. Let me tell you. Holding a 3 minute plank may just be the hardest thing I’ve done in some time. Yesterday at CrossFit we focused on overhead squats. Another really hard thing. It’s an uncomfortable position holding a bar above your head and squating down. We did 5 x […]

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Dear Garmin

I know I keep going on about my issues with my Garmin but it is a deeply emotional issue for me. You see I started running last year. Fell in love. Ran a half marathon, all my training runs on my own with the RunKeeper app. It did me well. After my first half I […]

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Falling over and being in trouble at 5.30am


I fell over today. You would think this might have happened at my speed session but no. It happened when Puppy saw a Golden Retriever up ahead and tried to make a run for it. Lucky I still love her so I filled up her pool and made dog food ice blocks to help her […]

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I am in trouble


Well at least I think I will be in trouble if my coach from Galeforce Running reads this post. I ran almost the same pace as the Resolution Run. But to be honest there were points in the resolution run that I realised I was just cruising along and had to remind myself pick up […]

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3 days in a row


I survived!!!! 3 days running in a row. Tuesday speed, Wednesday 12km and Thursday around 7km of hills at Mt Cootha. And I am not sore! Added bonus. Especially since hills are always pretty tough. Though I’m a fan. I don’t like to say that. I get nervous about hills. My lungs feel like they […]

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Work it


It’s back to work this week. It’s been an easy enough transition from holidays as I was still waking up at 4.30am to get my running in anyway! Exercising in the morning works for me. I don’t have all day to get distracted with daily life and talk myself out of it. It’s so much […]

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